Soraya Pla graduated in design at EASD School of Art and Higher Design in Valencia in 2000.

After a relevant career in fashion designing for well-known firms and creating her own, she founded her comprehensive design studio that allows her to show her holistic way of working. His story is one of his need to create emotional design concepts, respecting above all the past, to which he has given great prominence since its inception and for which he feels a true attraction, thus creating a very particular language.

Currently Soraya Pla breathes creativity in a multitude of projects. Curious with everything that surrounds her, her work is based on observation and research, always exploring the potential of forms and creating bonds between designer, craftsman and client, enhancing the emotional. His passion is to provide the maximum added value to his projects thanks to the ability to improve the lives of his clients.

Simple, pragmatic and result-oriented, Soraya Pla leads her design studio with a high sense of involvement with her clients.