Do they repel water, are they waterproof?

They resist the capture of humidity with solvency.

Do they resist the humidity of the walls?

Perfectly. Due to its closed cell cell structure, it does not allow water to pass through. Due to its low permeability, polyurethane is not affected by condensation problems.

Are they recyclable and recycled?

Absolutely, in fact the raw material of our panels is sustainable composite based on polyurethane with shredded waste from plastic bottles (PET).

What material are they made of?

They are panels composed of 4mm of high density ecological polyurethane with shredded waste from plastic bottles and gel coat resin.

Are they thermal insulators?

By carrying a large layer of polyurethane, it has a significant coefficient of thermal insulation.

Are they acoustic insulators?

Polyurethane foam is a good choice as a noise insulator, since it is an excellent acoustic insulator. It achieves a great effectiveness in noise absorption and soundproofing of the house. Due to the relief of our panels and their composition, they are made of ecological polyurethane, in an approximate percentage of 78%, they are considered good acoustic insulators.

What is the weight of the panels?

Depending on the design, weights vary between 4 and 6 kgs per square meter as well as thicknesses ranging from 30 to 60 mm approx.

How thick are the panels?

Depending on the relief of each model, approximately +/- 40 mm, creating unique shapes that only our material and production process can achieve.

Can damaged or affected panels be repaired?

Like any other wall, it can be putty and painted with a modicum of skill.

Do they lose color over time?

Our panels are supplied raw, with the color of their base and recycled particles, thus allowing for easy assembly and caulking. The color properties will depend strictly on the material used in its painting.

Do temperature changes affect them?

They have a slight contraction and expansion, which may be caused by the wall on which they are installed. For this it is necessary to apply them with a suitable elastic chemical glue that allows a certain degree of elasticity.

Do they require maintenance?


Can they be cleaned?

Of course, the panels are painted with the latest generation lacquers and can be cleaned with neutral soap and water.

How long does it take to serve, delivery time?

Our average delivery time is 3-4 weeks.


What wall can it be mounted on?

On any wall or ceiling that is minimally clean, it can be installed quickly and easily. Likewise on plasterboard.

How is it attached to the wall and what is needed to mount it?

The panels are fastened to the wall with headless nails (also called pins or spikes) and structural adhesive depending on where they are to be installed.
Only one operator is required for installation with simple machinery (silicone gun and radial or jig saw if miter or accessories are required).
The panels can be mitered at 90º to make the corners. They are then finished with the assembly material and can even be painted afterwards if required.
Joints may or may not be visible, depending on the designs.

What tools do I need to mount them?

Simple hardware material: Radial or jigsaw, silicone gun and headless nails if you want to fully ensure its fixing.

How many people does it take to assemble them?

Depending on the size and surface to be panelled, but for a medium installation, it is usual for one person to do it easily, although we recommend two people for greater comfort and precision. You can see more information about it in our installation manual.

Can the panels be placed on the ceiling?

Of course, and they look very elegant. Remember to fix them with headless nails (also called pins or tips).

How are they cut into the corners and edges of walls and ceilings?

Many of our panels can be easily mitered at 90º to join the corners and others are placed wall to wall or with a side cap. We indicate it in the technical sheet of each collection

Are the joints between the panels noticeable?

Hardly a subtle joint if placed properly.

Can they be mounted outside?

They are designed for any type of project indoors and in the medium term also for controlled outdoor use. We will inform you.

Can I hang pictures, clocks, shelves, etc. in the panels?

Yes, but the plugs have to pierce the surface of the wall on which it is supported. They should not be placed with the plugs only on the panel since you can tear it off.

How do I install the panels on walls / ceilings with sockets, switches or light fixtures?

The tasting is easily done with a jigsaw or radial to make the hole and place the socket, wall light, etc. The same to install leds generating a beautiful indirect lighting.


How long does it take to serve, delivery times?

Our average delivery time is 15 days.

Do you make custom finishes or designs?

Our engineering department will assess your proposal with interest, you will see a specific section for it on our website.

What is the price per square meter?

It depends on the collection. Please contact our commercial department and we will refer you to your nearest distributor so that they can make you the best offer.