ERRE is an architectural firm based in Valencia, Spain.

Formed by a great team of professionals working in the development of residential, educational, sports and public projects for over 20 years. It understands architecture from the humility, passion, and respect. Each new project is a new challenge with which to give a functional architectural solution to improve the life of the user who enjoys it.

Why Archipanels?

When we received the invitation to participate as designers in the Archipanels experience, ERRE had no doubt that we were facing a unique and innovative idea.

Archipanels is the result of a clear and firm commitment to quality, sustainable and differentiating design.

A simple but transgressive idea that provides functional and aesthetic solutions within the design products for surface coverings.

It is a product that, in addition, has a production process that uses the most advanced technology to achieve an excellent and high-quality result.

Creativity, sustainability and innovation united in a unique product.

What makes us different?

Archipanels manages to provide an innovative solution within the world of cladding and paneling, offering the user a wide range of aesthetic possibilities with which to create pleasant, comfortable, and elegant spaces.

From its materiality, which allows a wide range of geometric possibilities, to its environmentally friendly production process, Archipanels becomes a unique and necessary product in the market.

A product that has also considered the current climate emergency in which we are immersed, incorporating sustainability parameters and criteria into its production system to reduce the carbon footprint and measure the traceability of the products reused in its manufacture.

For all these reasons, Archipanels is an intelligent solution that has managed to strike a balance between the responsibility of satisfying current market demands and the responsibility of caring for the health of the planet and people.

How do you value sustainability in your projects?

For the ERRE arquitectura team, each project is an opportunity to achieve quality designs with a positive impact on the lives of people and our planet.

Sustainability has always been, therefore, an indispensable and strategic requirement from which to establish strategies based on traditional and innovative solutions that allow us to minimize the environmental footprint of the architectural designs we produce.

Each project is an opportunity to respond to current climate demands, as well as an opportunity to make a double commitment: to the planet and to the users who will make use of the buildings we design, generating a positive impact on their lives.

In this sense, in the last residential projects we have designed and completed in Valencia, the measures adopted in terms of sustainability have enabled users to save 80% in energy consumption and a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.

When we learned of Archipanels' firm commitment to creating a sustainable product, it was clear to us that it was a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a project whose environmental commitment is totally aligned with the values we try to apply in our architecture.