Founder and Strategic Director of Viccarbe, a role he has combined since 2007 as a consultant for the prestigious American multinational STEELCASE, as well as various collaborations for renowned international firms. Throughout his career he has been awarded with the most prestigious awards, such as the Príncipe Felipe in Business Excellence, the German Design Award, the IF Design Award or the Iconic Awards 2022: Best of Best Innovative Material, among others.

Why Archipanels?

Transforming trash into elegant panels by and for professionals. How can you say no to such a value proposition?

Architects and designers don't have so many timeless options for their projects beyond painting or cladding with wood, stone or ceramic and certainly hardly with such a solid premise in sustainability as this one.

The market has been offering decorative panels for years (a word I don't like very much) but no one before Archipanels had come up with such a clear, differentiating, and disruptive purpose.

Inviting top professionals for the first time to create a signature collection that produces eco-sustainable panels has been a pioneering milestone and I am grateful to be part of this project.

Archipanels is designed to withstand the impact of time, with a focus on quality. Social responsibility and sustainable design play an essential role in our processes. Our production capacity and technical know-how allow for continuous innovation in our production, in the use of state-of-the-art machinery and in the adoption of demanding quality control and management systems. Sustainability is a commitment that the company pursues in all phases of the production cycle. Our journey towards sustainable design is an ongoing process, and by working with like-minded designers and architects, we ensure that our processes continue to advance to minimize the environmental impact of our collection.

What makes us different?


There are many companies that produce shapes, designs, and reliefs but without solid criteria. They may have knowledge of the market but without a cultural background they cannot create a love brand between architects and international designers.

How do you value sustainability in your projects?

I consider that sustainability is not a fashion, it is a conclusion. We have a responsibility to get involved between the industry and the environment to improve the deterioration to which we have subjected it.

As an engineer I wish to have one day a specialty related to re-construction, a specific training to minimize the impact we have generated to our planet and even visually repair the aberrations made.

I think we have too much greenwashing, eco-posturing, and we must demand that companies demonstrate their real commitment to the traceability of their actions. For all these reasons I fell in love with Archipanels because sustainability is implicit in the 360º of the company.