Empty is inspired by the grandeur of buildings noted not for their height, but for the distance that separates them from the rest. thusgenerating a void that impresses and lends majesty.

This is how EMPTY was created, working with hollowed-out, mutually separated spaces of different sizes to achieve an effect of "silence" and creating immaterial voids that have their own volume and that complement the solid_ volume by means of cuts and small ascending and descending "ramps''. This allows a void in perpetual! flight.

Through its geometric voids, the shadow emerges: without corporeality, transparent, timeless.

Our panels are supplied without their finishes, with the colour of their base and recycled parti­cles, making them very easy to assemble and putty.

The subsequent co!our application can be done simply by roller or spray to match the rest of the colours of the architectural space, creating endless colour and texture options.


Material: Sustainable polyurethane with shredded waste from waste plastic bottles (PET) + Gel Coat. 100% recyclable and 35% recycled.
Dimensions: 900 mm x 2800 mm x 27 mm
Weight: ±8 Kg/ m2.
Usage: Indoor, outdoor, suitable for ceilings.


Soraya Pla graduated in design at EASD Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño in Valencia in 2000.

After a relevant career in fashion designing for well-known firms and creating her own, she founded her integral design studio that allows her to show her holistic way of working. Her story is that of her need to create emotional design concepts, respecting above all the past, to which she has given great importance since her beginnings and for which she feels a real attraction, thus creating a very particular language.

Soraya Pla currently breathes creativity in a multitude of projects. Curious about everything around her, her work is based on observation and research, always exploring the potential of forms and creating links between designer, artisan and client, enhancing the emotional. Her passion is to bring maximum added value to her projects through her ability to improve the lives of her clients.

Simple, pragmatic and result-oriented, Soraya Pla leads her design studio with a high sense of involvement with her clients.

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